The Coronavirus vaccine shot has officially began being administered to our essential healthcare workers, though with limited supply. The question is “when can I get my vaccine shot?” It may be a while before vaccine shots are administered to the mass public in large quantities. Our essential healthcare workers are being prioritized, as they should because through this pandemic they have not only been frontline putting themselves at risk for almost 10 months, but they have been witness to the millions effected and the 300,000 patients who have died. Those also living in long term care facilities are part of the 1a group and are first priority as well.

In the first few days only 2.9 million doses will be administered and another 6.4 million will be administered by December 16th. Pfizer was the first approved last Friday night and it is expected Moderna will follow, with a few others expected to be approved by spring. It is expected that Pfizer and Moderna together will be able create 40 million doses by the end of December. Please note at this time people who are issued a vaccination shot will have to get a second shot within about 3 weeks. Operation Warp Speed chief adviser Moncef Slaoui stated Tuesday at a White House press conference “We can immunize 20 million in December, 30 million in January, 50 million in February,”. He doesn’t believe we will have the full population vaccinated until June and it will not begin administration to the public until late spring.

The truth is we have to be patient and continue to quarantine as numbers continue to spike. The best idea is to get tested and know where you stand. Even though you may not be showing symptoms you can have the virus and infect those around you. It is holiday season and lines are long, but remember you made it this far. Let us be vigilant, spring 2021 is almost around the corner.

Statnews gives a guide on who can take the vaccination.

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