The house and the senate passed the short term spending bill that would last until December. The President signed the bill on Thursday. The bill was not signed by the midnight deadline and U.S spending authority temporarily lapsed, though the Office of Management and Budget never ordered agencies to cease operations. This will make sure there is no government shutdown before December 11th 2020. In the meantime Democrats and Republicans have the time to work out their issues in the budget and come to an agreement. Trumps administration has been at odds with house democrats over the fifth coronavirus aide package and the rights to the Supreme Court nomination.

Trumps delay in signing the bill may be a result of his campaigns focus to remix some statements made during the first presidential debate of 2020 with Joe Biden. Trump when asked to denounce the racist groups that support his campaign in which a group called “Proud Boys” was named, was edged on by Joe Biden who kept saying “Do it” replied for the groups to “stand back and stand by”. Social media was on fire and following up with his remarks there were multiple interviews from supporters and a mention from him that he did not know who the Proud Boys were.

The signing of this short term spending is important as it overlaps the election and won’t be an issue to undermine the election with a government shutdown.

Read more on the spending bill by clicking here.

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