Today, President Trump signed an executive order, but the issue is will the house challenge it in court? Is he overstepping? Trump decided he would reduce the $600 stimulus to $400 hoping to encourage people to go back to work. He’s asking the states to come up with 25% of the funds. Some governors are still seeking funds from the federal branch and are saying they can’t afford it. He extended the eviction moratorium and deferred payroll taxes for employees which included medicare and social security a 7% tax. Citizens may be asked to pay it at the end of the year, though he says he is looking to make it permanent. He also has suspended the federal student loan payments without penalty until the end of 2020. It seems the President is not willing to negotiate with the democratic congress and would rather be playing golf instead of creating the right package to serve the citizens of the United States. The Congress is expected to challenge this in court feeling that the President has stepped over the boundary but securing the funding with no oversight and the he has significantly reduced the funding needed to help the states sufficiently run their governments Democrats proposed the $3 Trillion Heroes Act and said they were willing to negotiate down to $2 Trillion. President Trump with this executive order wants to move around $140 billion dollars to cover his executive order. We will keep you updated. #seqnews  

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