President Trump proclaimed at his ” Save America Rally” that

“We will never give up, we will never concede it doesn’t happen, we don’t concede where there is theft involved. Our country has had enough we will not take it anymore”.

Trump kept up his rhetoric that there is a conspiracy against him with fake news, there was fraud in the election process and even turning on colleague Vice President Mike Pence.

The rally became a protest and turned violent as the MAGA base started a coop on the Capital Building as the Congress was in the process of certifying the election. Congress members had to to be evacuated as the capitol police were overwhelmed and attacked by protesters. Protesters took over the building briefly and took pictures in member offices and the speakers chair. There have been reports of officers getting substances thrown on them as they officers back who were trying to restrain them. They maintained a presence on the capital for hours and the Washington D.C mayor issued a 6pm curfew. Officers gave little resistance and call from the national guard being on it’s way had not arrived. Many question why was it so easy for protestors to penetrate the capital in such a manner.

Rally Takes Over The Capital Building

Police at 5:51 PM made an announcement that if protestors don’t leave the capital grounds they will be arrested. Up to this point we are not aware of any arrest and a woman was also shot and killed.

Once protesters have been dispersed it is reported Congress will continue with the certification of the election and complete the traditional ceremony at this evening.

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