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The 2020 election is going to be here in no time and we have to make sure our vote counts. The worst thing we can do is plan for election day on election day. If you have not voted in a while verify your polling site with the NYS board of elections and make sure your name has not been scrubbed. Our suggestion is to utilize the early voting sites to vote in person. Contact your local Board of Elections because your regular poll site and early voting site will most likely be different locations. If you have not registered to vote go to NY.GOV. You have until October 9th to register, but you want to do it before then to make sure your name is in the system and if your getting a mail in ballot you have time to fill it out and send it back. If you request your mail-in or absentee ballot then make sure you fill it in (fill in circles) correctly and sign it so it counts. If your not from NY this video is a general highlight for everyone. 

Also If you have not filled out your Census.gov you have 8 days as of today left. 

Contact information for Board of Elections

If your in NYC- Board of Elections

If your Upstate NY – Board of Elections

If your in Nassau County – Board of Elections

If your in Suffolk County – Board of Elections

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