Yesterday thousands of Trump supporters marched the streets of Washington D.C in what they called the “The Million Maga March”. The march was in protest to what they believe has been a national fraud to steal the election from President Donald Trump. Trump has been stoking the flames with unsubstantiated claims that his ballots were thrown in the garbage and there was widespread voter fraud, even though various sources have proven this to be false. Trump has shown he is not ready or willing to concede this election to President-Elect Joe Biden.

Thousands of MAGA Supporters Protest The 2020 Election

In the late hours protest turned violent when the Proud Boys and anti government group Antifa came to blows. The proud boys were wearing all black with helmets and ballistic vests. In one video you can see them jumping on one person who was curled up defenseless and in another you can hear them yelling “Fu** Antifa”. Trump has not made a comment on any riots as of yet, but the question is how far will he let it go on? It’s clear he is the most popular Republican in the party and has the ears of his supporters no matter if he’s right or wrong, but what is unclear is if he willing to humble himself to let democracy prevail.

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