There are many people who’ve suffered financial hardships during the covid19 pandemic. The rent moratoriums has been a very much needed relief for many families who were struggling throughout the crisis. The issue the small landlords have is not with those who are financially challenged right now, but those who are taking advantage of the times not paying rent and still working full time. These mom and pop landlords who aren’t moguls many of which rent to help cover the mortgage are also feeling the strain from this pandemic. Most people are not intentionally trying to game the system, but the are quite a few that are taking advantage of this crisis. The fear is that after the moratorium subsides what happens to the small landlords and the tenants in NYC? There is money available as New York State only used $40 million in rent relief funds out of the $100 million giving by the Federal Government because of strict requirements. Governor Cuomo earlier this month said they would relax requirements to make sure the funds were given to those that needed it most.

Daily NewsNYC small landlords say new eviction moratorium gives tenants excuse to skip rent

The CityMore Rent Relief and a New Eviction Moratorium on the Way for New York Tenants

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