Eyewitness News has reported that the New York City Council may be looking at passing a bill banning the use of criminal background checks for renters. The idea is that once a person serves their time they have paid their debt to society and the obstacles they face help increase recidivism rates. The Landlords and the Rent Stabilization Association have spoken out against such a ban. The reason is, safety concerns for citizens who have not committed crimes that may become victims. When asked by Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charlesworth “Your a dad, ok. You have no problem with someone who has served time for sexual assault, for hurting children, moving in right next door to you?” Councilman Stephen Levin responded that he lives within 1000 feet of a playground…… ( We are unclear of the meaning of that statement.)

Landlords say they are willing to work something out, but the measure seems a bit drastic to have an all out ban. To watch the interview click the link below.


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