Officials have announced a series of changes to the admissions process that will effect hundreds of schools. Mayor Bill de Blasio said for at least one year the city will be suspending merit based screening for middle schools. If there are more students than seats there will now be a lottery. This means that schools will no longer have the ability to screen students based on academic records, auditions and other assessments. This will limit schools ability to handpick students especially schools that tend to cherry pick for higher performing and/or wealthier students. For High Schools there will no longer be the use of borough residency requirements. This will not effect elite schools, which base their admissions on test and performing arts auditions, such a Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant.

This major change will effect up to 40% of schools, especially schools in Manhattan’s District 2 which will open the door to diversity in one of the wealthiest school districts. This will also effect more students living in diverse neighborhoods.

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