The New York Progressive Baptist State Convention (NYPBSC) is the New York State chapter of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, which is an organization that was formed and worked hand in hand with Dr Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement. The organization brings a conglomerate of churches together on a national level to deal with civil rights issues. The NYPBC took to the streets, marched, prayed and rallied, and each pastor let their voice be heard. Joined by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, they marched with clergy and their parishioners all the way to Borough Hall. 

NYPBSC leadership present included Regional Vice President Rev. Akin Royall, New York State President Pastor Robert Linden, Pastor Maurice Mcrae Jr. and Pastor Eddie Karriem. The pastors talked about issues facing their communities and what the future should look like. NYPBSC wanted to make it clear that the church will be forefront in social justice issues. They also made it clear they are looking forward to working with law enforcement to bring better relations in black communities.

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