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Mayor David Dinkins

On Monday the 106th mayor of New York City and the first black mayor passed away in his upper east side home. David Dinkins became mayor assumed the position January 1st 1990 until December 31st 1993. He assumed the position during a time where violence was at a high. During his tenure crime went down all four years. He fought for economic equality, to reduce crime and work on race relations. A trailblazer who was part of “The Four” which also included Congressman Charlie Rangel, civil rights attorney Percy Sutton, and Basil Paterson.

Mayor David Dinkins during his tenure expanded housing, the NYPD (through his Safe Street, Safe City program). He also inked a 99 year lease with the United Tennis Association bringing the U.S Open to the city to help boost the economy. He did all this during a time of great scrutiny being the first black mayor. Even after his tenure as mayor he continued to use his influence to help make a difference including becoming a professor at Columbia University.

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