This past Sunday the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat and officially tied the Boston Celtics for most NBA Championships at 17. Lebron James became 1 of 4 players to win a championship on 3 teams and the first to get a MVP in every win. This was his 17th year, but it would seem he was at his prime as the Lakers breezed through the competition this year. They lost 1 game in each series to the Nuggets, Rockets, and Blazers and 2 to the Miami Heat. Lebron closed out the finals shooting almost 60% averaging 29.8 points, 11.7 rebounds and 8.5 assist. He is the only player to record 150 points 50 rebounds and 50 assist. In 7 of 10 NBA Finals he has led his team in points, rebounds and assist. When it comes to the playoffs he is all time number 1 when it comes to points (7,491) and steals (445) #2 in assist (1871) and 6th in rebounds (2348).

The question is with all the stats on the table, is it enough to overtake Michael Jordan as the Greatest of all time (G.O.A.T)? The achilleas heel for Lebron is Jordan is 6 of 6 in the finals with 6 MVPs and Lebron is 4 of 10 in the Finals. This has been a topic for the last few years and with another ring under his belt, Lebron has reignited the fire. What are your thoughts?

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