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After a slow start in the first quarter where the Miami Heat started off 23-10 the Lakers dominated. Anthony Davis shined during the gaming with a game high 34 points and didn’t seem to have anyone that could guard him on the floor. The Lakers notably shot almost 40% from 3 point range and hit 92% of their free throws. The Miami Heat was not only beat up on the scoreboard, but physically as well. Jimmy Butler seemed to hurt his knee on one play coming down and dropping the ball, but continued to play. Goran Dragic suffered a torn left plantar fascia and Bam Adebayo dealt with a shoulder injury, both exited the game. The Heat seemed over match and Jimmy Butler was the only play on the team to reach 20 points. Lebron shined while flirting with a triple double 25 points, 15 rebounds and 9 assist on a stage he is well accustomed to.

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