Kenosha, Wisconsin, – Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley decided to not file charges on the officer Rusten Sheskey who shot Jacob Blake in his back. Graveley said that officer Sheskey was acting in self defense even though Blake has his back turned to the officer at the time of the shooting.

On August 23rd 2020 officers were called to respond to a domestic dispute between Blake and his girlfriend. when they arrived they Blake was actively trying to take his children with him and had placed them in the car. In a video you can see Blake visibly upset and police officers at no time tried to detain, but stalked him with tasers and guns draw. Blake opened the car door as officer Sheskey held a light grasp on his tee shirt. Blake bent over in his vehicle and the officers said that he was reaching for a knife.

Here is a full article from – WISN 12 News

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