In a weird twist of events as NBC announced it will air President Donald Trumps town hall at the same time that ABC is airing a town hall for presidential nominee Joe Biden. Originally the two were supposed to have a debate, but recently health risk due to the President testing positive for the coronavirus had caused concern. The president was supposed to send medical certification that he was negative, of which they received Tuesday. He is actually not negative, but Dr. Clifford Lane clinical director at the National Institute of Health declared he was not shedding infectious virus and Dr Fauci who also reviewed the data stated they came to their conclusion based on the data sent to them.

NBC has decided to go forward stating that this was their decision based on their review of the presidents schedule. This will be more of a battle of the ratings. Many people were surprised with the decision by NBC, the worry is that many Americans won’t have the opportunity to hear both candidates, instead they will have choose a candidate to watch. The town halls this evening will start at 8pm.

Joe Biden has been leading in polls and Trump has been actually trying to make up some ground with the election in 20 days. Biden will be airing from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, while Trump will be airing from the Perez Arts Museum in Miami.

  • Side Note – The first presidential debate brought in over 73 Million viewers.

Who do you think will get more viewers watching their town hall, Trump or Biden?

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