Covid19 has changed life all over the world and in the United States we have had to deal with many lifestyle changes during this pandemic. The 2020 presidential election proved to be no different. Many people were glued to their TV screens on election night like they do every 4 years, waiting to see which states turned blue and which turned red. This time we saw a lot of that, but the difference was due to the pandemic there were millions upon millions of outstanding mail-in ballots. Quite a few states on election night were in favor of President Trump (Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania) , but as the mail in ballots rolled in everyday Biden inched up closer and closer until each state’s lead was evaporated. Trump in a panic cried foul and screamed fraud.

The difference in this campaign was Trump encouraged his voters to go to the polls not trusting the mail in ballots, where as Biden focused on safety encouraging his base to mail in their ballot. It showed because the mail-in ballots were coming in at one point 80-20 for Joe Biden. President Elect Joe Biden received the most votes in history and President Trump received the most votes of any sitting President in history. The stakes were high and voter engagement was at it’s peak. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris broke a lot of records many they mentioned in their victory speeches. Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris is the first women elected to the position in history and the first 1st generation American elected to the office.

President Elect Joe Biden ran on to stage when he was announced and said he wanted to bring the country back together. He stated he wanted to represent all of America and will look to keep the promises he made to the American people. His focus and first priority will be dealing with the Coronavirus. President Trump has yet to make a concession speech and said he is looking to take matter to court in several states.

Congratulations President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris

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