The house received bi-partisan support on the spending bill to avoid a government shutdown yesterday. This bill extends government spending levels and all hot button issues are tabled until December 11th. It’s short term legislation to protect the workers and programs that need the funding. Pelosi toted the benefits of the bill getting almost $8 billion dollars approved in nutrition assistance for hungry children and families. The bill also provides some accountability in the Commodity Credit Corporation to prevent funds that have been allocated for farmers from being used in a big oil bailout. The bi-partisan bill passed 359-57 with the no’s coming all from Republicans. There was one odd vote of “Present” from Rep. Alexandria Cortez who may of preferred a shutdown than to pay federal workers, We imagine she will speak about her position on the bill in a more public place.

“During this trying time of a pandemic, the last thing the United States of America needs right now is a lapse in government funding,” Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.).

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