Yesterday evening Governor Cuomo gave New Yorkers a stern warning because of spikes in testing which could lead to a second lock down if not properly managed. The state overall test rate was 1.5% which showed a 50% spike in infection rates. Some areas have been affected a lot harder than others, Brooklyn coming in at an overall rate of 2.6% is alarming. Brooklyn, Orange County and Rockland County make up about 25% of the new infection rates in the state.

New York could see a crackdown in gatherings and business closures, such as outdoor dining if the case rate continues to spike. Many suspect with flu season arriving that a second wave of the virus is also imminent .

Governor Coumo stated “It’s no time to get tired, because the virus is not getting tired,”.

We at SeqNews encourage everyone to help contain this virus by social distancing and wearing mask, so we can all eventually get back to normal.

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