The Georgia runoff election played out for the world to see as one state had the opportunity to make a determination in how the Joe Biden presidency would start off. Over the last few the weeks it has been a political fight in a state known for being a strong republican state all ways leaning red. Rev. Raphael Warnock received 2,240,837 votes to defeat Kelly Loeffler who received 2,178,658 votes to become Georgia’s first black U.S Senator. Jon Ossoff received 2,222,130 votes to defeat the incumbent Sen. David Perdue who has served since 2015 and held 2,197,274 votes.

This victory is a big win for the democratic party where the republicans hold 50 seats and the democrats now hold 48 seats with 2 independent seats that side with the democratic party. This win gives the Vice-President Kamala Harris who will stand as the President of the Senate the deciding vote in a split giving the democrats the majority.

* Note Sen. Chuck Schumer is said to become the next Majority Speaker of the Senate.

Live Results Here – Georgia Senate Election

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