With a little more than 2/3’s of the U. S population having a Facebook account (223 million), Mark Zuckerberg has decided to utilize the platform to educate voters on mail-in ballots. The Coronavirus has plagued the United State throughout 2020. Nationwide we have 4.75 million Covid19 cases and 157,000 deaths as of August 3rd 2020. We also make up almost 1/3 of the Covid deaths worldwide. With recent spikes in states like Georgia, Texas, and Florida it will only make sense to do mail-in ballot on a national scale. Many states including New York have already implemented mail-in ballots as early as the presidential primary early this year on June 23rd 2020. 

The idea is to have Facebook create curriculum around the process of voting. “getting people ready for the fact that there’s a high likelihood that it takes days or weeks to count this — and there’s nothing wrong or illegitimate about that,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a New York Times interview.  The truth is there has been worry of voter fraud and President Trump has added fuel to the fire with his tweets regarding the potential of Fraud. 






Many social media sites have flagged President Trump on on inaccurate information that he has posted on mail in ballots, Twitter and Facebook included. Facebook will also create rules for those who are celebrating victories prematurely. 

In Queens, we had over 80,000 votes in the primary June 23rd, We can only imagine that the general election will have 10 times that. Many people complained about receiving their ballots to late or not receiving them at. We also had an issue will many ballots being disqualified because they were filled out incorrectly which may not normally happen if people had went to their voting sites. We will have to charge the Board of Elections which the duty of learning from their mistakes. This pandemic is new to u all and no one could have predicted this is how the elections would play out this year. We will need education for the voters just like Facebook proposes and they will need enough manpower to accurately count the ballots within a short period of time. This pandemic has changed thee American lifestyle and we will have to adjust to make sure that information is reaching the masses. Stay tuned to #seqnews we will keep you updated. 



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