In the last 24 hours investors have been reminded of the 2017 bubble burst as Bitcoin falls by 11% to $35,828.06. Bitcoin had taken a slide by almost 21% before a slight recover. Cryptocurrency across the board was hit hard bringing the $1.1 trillion dollar market capitalization to about $959.53 billion dollars, losing $170 billion dollars in market capitalization. Many believe after a huge rally Jan 8. that this was a sign of profit taking investors trying selling off to try and take advantage of the surge. Loyalist to Bitcoin say that this is not the same as the 2017 bubble burst because the market has matured and experts say that in the long term Bitcoin could reach as high as $400,000. There are many who say the market will take a hit as regulators get more involved globally and the Crypto is very volatile and still a high risk investment.

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