In one of the most historic years in sports due to the Coronavirus Los Angeles has had much to celebrate. With the Lakers winning the NBA Finals only last Sunday the Los Angeles Dodgers landed into the world series in a competitive game 7 against the Atlanta Braves. They will face the Tampa Bay Rays who have a story to tell of their own because they play about an hour away from the NBA Bubble located in Orlando. Major League Baseball will play with limited seating in the world series. We believe it has to be Kobe Bryants Mamba light shining all over sports right now. Florida has had over 25 named almost tied the 26 2005 record, they received Tom Brady arguably the greatest quarterback era to the Bucs and it will be one of the most highlighted locations during the final 2 weeks heading into this presidential election (battleground state).

We will be watching the MLB World Series starting tomorrow at 8:09pm on FOX.

Highlights of the Los Angeles Dodger Game 7 Victory!

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