This past Wednesday New York State Assemblywoman Diana Richardson went on a Facebook live video that has since gone viral, to denounce an article posted by the publication City & State New York. She was upset about a piece that was written in regard to the 40 under 40 City & State Honorees who had “Crashed, burned and flamed out”. Being a very active State Assemblywoman, she has been frontline in her efforts to better her community. The publication made mention to an incident that had happen with her son in 2017 as a source of credibility for adding her to the list.

Richardson responded in the video,

“See I’m an adult I can eat your attacks in the media, but that child can not do that and what you’re doing is wrong, it’s wrong what your doing to my family, it’s personal and it’s disgusting; and as a black woman I should not have to deal with it, but you’re doing it to me because I am black, I am unapologetic, I’m unafraid, I represent and what your coming to realize is that my power is not sourced from your list. My power comes from my constituency from the ground”.

After the Assemblywoman’s response to the video, calls from all over Facebook and Twitter were for the City & State publication to apologize for the insensitive gesture. Since then City & State has issued a public apology and removed the article. Jon Lentz, the editor-in-chief, is stepping down and officially leaving the company November 30th.

Watch the viral Facebook Live video on State Assemblywoman Diana Richardson’s page.

The New York Post in shameful display of journalism followed up on the video and City & State Piece.

They New York Post titled their article;

‘I’ll just call it what it is. I beat him’: NYC pol rants after allegedly beating son”

As if they did not hear how she had been treated from media they proceeded to go negative. In the 15 minute she laid out many things she has done for her community in regards to rent protection, police brutality, and a call for a restorative justice package issued to the victims of the crack epidemic that were unfairly criminalized, compared to how opioid victims today are being treated for mental health issues, just to name a few.

State Assemblywoman Diana Richardson makes the claim which many have before and continue to make and that is that black woman are treated unfairly in the media. Is this evidence needed for there to be a change?

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