Updated: 9/15/2020 5:50PM

The City of Louisville has announce a $12,000,00 settlement with the Breonna Taylor Estate. She is the 26 year old essential worker that was killed by police over 6 months ago, on March 13th. After an investigation, they found that the police had a no knock warrant for a location almost 10 miles away. Taylors boyfriend not knowing who it was fired one warning shot. In the process a sleeping Taylor, who most likely was awaken by the activity was riddled with bullets. This settlement has also added some policing reform involved into it. They would require a commanders approval for a search warrant before they go to a judge and provide housing credits to officers who agree to live in the city. Lastly they would have all officers involved in a shooting submit to drug and alcohol testing. The Taylor’s family attorney team were Ben Crump, Sam Aguiar and Lonita Baker.

This $12,000,000 settlement has nothing to do with the criminal case for the officers involved in the shooting. There has been no filing of chargers at this time.

For more info on the Breonna Taylor settlement read this article from USA TODAY

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