Tuesday’s debate will be airing from Case Western University in Cleveland, this will be the first of 3 between the candidates. This is probably the most important debate these two candidates have had to date. Joe Biden notably took a day off last Thursday and this past Monday to prepare, while Trump has been having mock debates with help from some political friends such as former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guilliani and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

This will give both the opportunity to question their records and their platforms. With Donald Trumps tax records being leaked recently, we know this will be something Joe Biden will get to go on offense with and everyone is looking for the chance to hear Trumps response. President Trump on the other hand has been questioning the state of Joe Biden’s mental health and this may a chance for him to show Biden may not be fit and Joe to show the contrary. The Covid19 pandemic also definitely be a hot topic that both parties will be discussing as well.

This is an opportunity for both candidates and it really is going to come down to how Joe Biden responds in his handling of Trump attacks. President Trump has made a living on T.V and will probably be the most comfortable sparring verbally with his opponent. This debate is up in the air and may be a key to connecting with undecided voters who have not made their final decision, especially in those swing states.

USA Today reports that polling has Biden in the lead in most of the swing states at this time – Seqnews

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