Senator Kamala Harris was looking more and more like the favorite each day to be Joe Bidens pick for Vice President. Senator Kamala Harris ran against Joe and though she lost, she had gained a great following and respect among democrats nationwide. Joe Biden wanted to go out his way to choose a woman which has neither been the President or Vice President in United States history. This move in itself has proven to be historic and has created much debate. Sen. Kamala Harris is and always was a qualified candidate. The question is does adding her to the ticket help win the democrats the Presidency? In an ABC News poll Sen. Kamala ratings among democrats soared to 71% and she has rating of 44% nationwide that she was a good or great pick compared to 28% that said she wasn’t. One thing is clear she will be the first woman VP, first African american VP, and the first Indian descent VP if the DNC is able to take the presidency from the RNC. SeqNews will keep you updated. 

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